Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Richmond, Virginia

Child sexual abuse

Performing a sexual activity with a minor by threatening, forcing or intimidating a child with or without consent is known as Child Sexual abuse. In child sexual abuse crime, a minor is used for fulfilling the sexual desires and sexual stimulation of an adult. There is no specific place where this crime can occur, even the homes and schools are not safe from this crime. This is an act that can mentally, physically and emotionally affect a child that can last a lifetime. Raping, attempt to rape, fondling, masturbating in front of a minor or forcing a minor to masturbate, text messages involving nudity and sexual content, child pornography, sharing or producing child pornographic content, conducting sexual activities with a minor, child trafficking or any conduct that involves sexual assault of a child comes under the crime of Child Sexual Abuse.


The Richmond law of Child sexual abuse has classified the sexual offenses into two classifications, sexually violent crimes, and sexual crimes. Rape, attempt to rape, fondling, exposing of private body parts, oral sex or physically assaulting a minor comes under the category of sexually violent crimes whereas inappropriate photography, child pornography, obscene phone calls, text messages or digital interaction involving sexual activities come under sexual crimes. Child sexual abuse is a crime that needs some serious attention in Richmond, Virginia due to rapidly growing crime rates among the rapidly growing crimes. Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Richmond, Virginia are playing a vital role in the reduction of the crime rates of child sexual abuse. Therefore, for the better protection of children Child, Sexual Abuse Laws in Richmond, Virginia is still under consideration for the betterment of the laws and making the rules strict against the offenders for the better future. Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Richmond, Virginia has undoubtedly very strict charges against the offenders and the punishments are never compromised. As per the Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Richmond, Virginia the penalties for the offense of Child Sexual abuse depends on the age of a victim and the kind of sexual abuse the offender is conducting to the minor. Imprisonment and penalty charge is totally based on the crime and its severity. The consent of a minor is not considered as per Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Richmond, Virginia because the victim is underage.


The charges and penalties for Child sex abuse crimes are very harsh and can result in longest sentences of imprisonment for at least 10 years. The penalties for child sexual abuse in Richmond, Virginia is based on the kind of sexual activity conducted by the offender and the age of a victim. The offenders of Child sexual abuse crime will also be registered as “pervert” or an “offender of sexual crimes”. Under the law of Richmond, Virginia if a person rapes, sexually abuse or attempts to rape a minor, will be sentenced to more than 20 years in jail with a fine of about $100,000, under the Virginia Code 18.2-61. The Richmond attorneys that deals with cases involving sexual abuse is very professional and committed. They provide complete assistance and guidance to the concerns and make sure that the victim is provided with complete justice.

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