Considering Reckless Driving Penalties in Virginia

There is no doubt that breaking a traffic rule or exceeding the speed limit can land you a ticket, however, it is a different case scenario with reckless driving. Reckless driving in Virginia is considered a crime and will not be treated as a traffic violation or infraction. In fact, the law enforcement agencies are particularly very strict about the laws and reckless driving penalties in Virginia are equally strict. In addition to that, there are thirteen different types of reckless driving crimes in Virginia, which are explained in a very broad way so that every driver is particularly conscious about not committing any reckless driving crimes because doing so can even land you in jail.

Reckless Driving Penalties

While talking about reckless driving penalties in Virginia, some of the penalties may even suspend or revoke your driving privileges. Reckless driving penalties in Virginia are harsh, such as:

  • Reckless driving or breaking any of the reckless driving crimes in Virginia can serve you with up to one year in jail and with/or a fine up to $2500
  • Other reckless driving penalties in Virginia include suspension of the driver’s license for six months or even more

With a conviction of a reckless driving crime, you can get or be awarded reckless driving penalties in Virginia with a demerit point, which would be eventually assessed by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). The courts in Virginia would not be assessing or waiting the points and with as many points, it would get more difficult and risky for the driver. Reckless driving is indeed a serious crime, which can further lead to harsh reckless driving penalties in Virginia with multiple counts. Some counts are so severe that they can eventually restrict your driving privileges and you would only be able to go to the workplace or school.

Other reckless driving penalties in Virginia may also result in establishing your driving record with multiple counts of reckless driving charges, which would further lead to the cancellation of your insurance and if the counts get more and severe, then you might even end up losing your job. Here are a few points, which are required for the process of conviction:

  • Officer’s testimony on the exceeding speed
  • Officer’s testimony on the manner of the reckless driving
  • Calibration of radar or any other instrument which can be used to determine speed of the car

It is important for the court to review past counts of reckless driving or driving history of the offender. Other than that, the traffic cameras also serve as evidence to show if the reckless driving crime is true or not. However, there are also certain defense situations in which the lawyer can help his or her client to get out of the reckless driving conviction in a safe way. There can be certain circumstances in which the court can even cancel the reckless driving penalties in Virginia.