While driving, there are certain things that a motorist must have all the time. There are such items that a police officer often checks such as, a valid driving license, any kind of proof of insurance of vehicle and most importantly a valid registration of the vehicle. Under the law of Fairfax, if someone fails to keep the copies of these documents in the vehicle can even lead to traffic violation charges and penalty fines.

One of the serious traffic offense is driving without registration in Virginia; Fairfax Virginia laws have strict punishments for this offense.

If some is driving without registration in Virginia, Fairfax Virginia law will charge you with the traffic violation offense and heavy penalty fine.

Traffic laws in every state have made it illegal to drive a vehicle that is not registered by the motor vehicle’s state department or motor vehicle bureau in any state where the vehicle is being driven.

The traffic laws have also made it illegal if the once-valid registration of a vehicle has expired. This can happen if the fees and filings had not been submitted within the maximum given time that was required by the state’s motor vehicle department.

Under the law of Virginia, an offense of driving with an expired registration is treated differently than driving without registration in Virginia; Fairfax Virginia has different laws for every traffic violation offense. Traffic laws in Fairfax, Virginia differentiate between driving a vehicle without a proof that it is registered and driving a vehicle that is not even registered. Carrying a proof of registration is very important because if the vehicle is registered but the driver is not carrying a registration proof such as a certificate or any document claiming registration, then it will also be counted as a traffic violation offense under the law.

In the law of Virginia, the charges and penalties for operating a vehicle with the expired registration will increase the longer the registration has been failed. For example, if the registration of a vehicle has been expired six months ago or less than that, then this offense will be considered as a non- moving violation. On the other hand, if the registration has been expired more than six months ago, the offense will then be considered as a moving violation that can result in 6 demerit points in the DMV driving record of the offender. In addition to this, it may also result in increased automobile insurance rates.

There are various other offenses that come under driving without registration in Virginia, Fairfax Virginia has different charges and penalties for each of them depending on the severity of the case. A driver must have a proper proof of vehicle registration and must keep all the time to stay safe of every charge and traffic ticket. The time you have for the registration of your vehicle varies, therefore, you should check with the DMV of Fairfax, Virginia.

However, if you are charged with the violation of driving without registration in Virginia, Fairfax Virginia traffic lawyers are always there to help you and represent you in the traffic court.