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In the Fairfax County, Virginia, the law considers domestic violence as a serious crime. Fundamentally, Fairfax County Virginia terms domestic violence to cause or attempt to cause a physical injury to your own family member of or member of one’s household. Along with that, even threats and intimidation or violating a restraining order could also be classified as forms of domestic violence in Fairfax County, irrespective of the fact that if anybody is physically hurt as a result or not. Domestic violence is termed as family abuse. Any act against the member of the family or member of household, which is associated with the use of violence, force or threats and cause physical harm or injury or leads to fear of being harmed or injured is considered as an act of family abuse. Along with physical damage or fear of physical damage, sexual abuse and stalking are also considered as family abuse if happened between the members of family or members of a household. The members of family and members of household includes spouses, children, parents, siblings, grandchildren, grandparents, ex-spouses, in-laws living in the same house, people who live together, have children together or used to live together.

The charges of domestic violence could be put on an individual for even an act of threatening a spouse or violating a personal protection directive that might seems inconsequential along with the above mentioned acts of sexual abuse, physical assault etc. The dedicated Fairfax domestic violence Lawyer in Virginia by SRIS Law Group could assist you in the protection of your rights in case you have been indicted or charged for any incidence of domestic violence.

In Fairfax County Virginia the crimes associated with domestic violence are taken very seriously and charge of a domestic violence is considered as a Class 1 offense. The legal punishment for a class 1 offence in Fairfax County Virginia associated with a verdict include restraining orders, probation, payment of a fine up to $ 2500, serving in jail for up to an year or all of the above. In addition to that, a serious act of domestic violence might leads to the charges of a felony instead of a minor offense. A verdict related to domestic violence on your track record could cause a number of difficulties for you, which includes obtaining an employment, a house or even a bank loan.

As the Fairfax domestic violence Lawyer in Virginia, SRIS Law Group understands that there are some strong feelings associate with the accusation of domestic violence, which might lead to extra punishments on the basis of wrong accusations. Also if there has been some validation with the charges of family abuse, Fairfax domestic violence Lawyer in Virginia by SRIS Law Group could assist you in getting out of the court with minimum penalties as a result of conviction. Our dedicated, well experienced, knowledgeable and understanding Fairfax domestic violence Lawyer in Virginia assures that every factor of your particular case is analyzed and our Lawyer would make certain every available legal resource is utilized to form a strong defense to safeguard your legal rights.

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