General Traffic Laws and Speeding Ticket in Arlington County, VA

The laws of Virginia especially in Arlington County which is the 17th judicial jurisdiction of the state, are very stringent in offenses like traffic infractions and crimes. The General District Court of Arlington presides over the cases of traffic infractions, civil cases, criminal cases, leads involuntary mental commitment hearings, supervises claims for compensation not over than $25000 in addition also manages records of traffic citations, civil cases and criminal warrants. Arlington Court also holds initial hearings to find out the possible grounds in felonies and manages misdemeanor cases. Arlington General District Court three designated judges are Hon. R. Frances O’Brien, Chief Judge, Hon. Richard J. McCue, Presiding Judge and Hon. Thomas J. Kelley Jr., Presiding Judge.

Traffic Laws in Arlington County, VA

Besides the state laws stated in the Code of Virginia, the Arlington County has its own set of laws in the Code of Arlington for Motor Vehicles and Traffic to tackle traffic related issues increasing in this densely populated county. The Code of Arlington for Motor Vehicles and traffic covers all aspects of traffic infractions, setting up speed and load limits for all kinds of moving and parked vehicles.  Code § 14.2-1. states the adoption of state law § 46.2-1313 of the Code of Virginia and Code § 14.2-1.1 its definitions. Whereas Code § 14.2-20 also states regulations for the drivers on highways and streets when there explicitly marked and divided lanes.

Speeding Ticket in Arlington County

Under the Code § 14.2-12 (A) of Arlington the maximum and minimum speed limits are defined. According which the maximum limit for driving a vehicle on the highway is 25 miles per hour except on the specific highways like Kirkwood Road from Washington Boulevard to Spout Run Parkway and Quaker Lane from Shirley Highway to King Street which have speed limit up to 30 miles per hour and even extends to the limit of 65 miles per hour for some highways. The limits are applicable to kind of moving vehicle that is the speed limits vary for heavy vehicles like trucks regardless of the highway it is driving on.  Under the Code § 14.2-12(C) the speed limits reduce to 15 miles per hour when the signs contain the word School. Exceeding beyond these limits up to 5 miles per hour get you a speeding ticket in Arlington County. The penalty of speeding ticket is a fine up to ($200.00) under the Code § 14.2-12(F). If the person has been given a speeding ticket for exceeding the 5-mph limit two or more times within the year then his license may be suspended for 60 days provided with other penalties under the Code § 14.2-13.