How to get out of a reckless driving ticket in Loudoun VA?

Reckless driving is considered to be a serious offense, therefore getting out of it is a hectic task. Reckless driving refers to a state in which car is being driven by the driver rashly. This rash driving can adversely affect the people and property around. Following are the situations in which a driver is considered to be driving recklessly.

  • When driver is driving rashly;
  • When a driver is driving at speed of more than 20 mph;
  • When a driver is driving on wrong way;
  • When a driver is racing on the roads of common wealth;
  • When a driver is driving rashly in populated or residential area;
  • When a driver is driving at a speed accessing 80 mph;
  • When a driver is driving rashly in an intoxicated state;
  • When a driver is driving rashly on legally banned sites.

Reckless driving is categorized as different from that of careless driving. In case of careless driving people, sites and property around are not considered to be vulnerable while in case of reckless driving people, sites and property in the surroundings are considered to be vulnerable. Any individual found guilty in the charge of reckless driving is subjected to the class 1 misdemeanor, where penalties are imposed by the court under the light of the Loudoun Virginia law section 46.2-868. The penalties imposed on the convicted are as follows:

  • An imprisonment of about six months or a whole year(depending upon the nature of the reckless driving crime committed);
  • A heavy fine of up to $2500;
  • Suspension of the driving license for a particular time frame.

However, in complex cases all three punishments can be imposed on the accused. These penalties can anyhow put a person’s future prospects at stake, therefore one hire an attorney to resolve such issues. In order to get out of a reckless driving charge one can proclaim in the court although the state of driving was wrong but still was safe for both; himself/herself and the people around. However, this cannot be possible without a legal attorney or an advocate. An advocate can proficiently deal with such concerns. Dealing alone will enforce you to difficult situations created by courts and police men.

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