Grand Larceny Punishment VA

The Virginian law refers to all the theft-related crimes and theft as larceny and never provides a general definition of the term. It can be said that theft in Virginia can be classified into two main types including the petit larceny and grand larceny. We will be also be discussing the petit and grand larceny punishment VA along with their description. The theft in Virginia can be defined as the illegal acquisition of the property which belongs to someone else, which is done with the intention to get permanently get rid of the owner of the property.  The rules described by the government of the Virginian state are effective enough for controlling the criminal acts of theft.

Penalties for theft in Virginia

There are different types of penalties for theft in Virginia, other than the penalties who an individual who commits the theft in Virginia can be civilly liable to the owner things. The grand larceny punishment VA and petit punishment are different. However, the person is liable to the owner of the store for:

  • Double the retail value of the merchandise or $50, whatever is greater, but the overall penalty will not be more than $350.
  • The court’s costs and attorney fees must be provided to the owners of the store in an amount of $150.

Classification of Theft

Virginia classifies the larceny offenses in accordance with the property value that is involved in that case or in some special situations. The scheme of classification is similar to that states. This part will explore the types of punishment that are linked to theft in theft along with the petit and grand larceny punishment in VA. The level of theft in Virginia begins with the petit larceny, which is also regarded as the lowest level of theft under the Virginian law.

Petit Larceny

Petit larceny is defined as the theft of the services or property, which are values less than $200, or the theft of the property, which are values less than $5 especially when taken directly from the other individuals. Petit larceny can be classified as the class 1 misdemeanour under the Virginian law as compared to the grand larceny punishment in VA. Petit larceny is punishable by the imprisonment in jail for not more than a year with a fine of not more than $2500 or both.

Grand larceny can be defined as the larceny, which occurs in Virginia when a person commits larceny and the property value is more than $200. It also occurs when the property of the person is valued at $5 or more than that and taken from another person.

Grand larceny is punished as a felony in Virginia, which includes the confinement in state jail for a minimum one-year period but never for more than 20 years. The Virginian law gives the judges and juries the proper discretion to punish the grand larceny as a misdemeanour. Grand larceny punishment VA can be in the form of a misdemeanour in these circumstances, but the offender will not be jailed the period of more than one year.