How to contest an order of protection in Virginia?

If protective orders have been served falsely, you can take some legal steps clear your name from it. A protective order is issued to provide security against violence. It is an important protective for victims of violence and abuse. Women re not safe and men are finding in this act badly. It is very crucial situation for them and they go for these protection orders. The issuance of the protective order against you is stressful because it damages your personal life. Take some steps to fight against this order. If you feel that you have been serving wrongly or the conditions are unfair. You can easily apply petition against allegations.

How to start the procedure?

  • First of all know your type in the protective orders whether emergency protective order of about 72 hours.
  • Preliminary protective order is fifteen days protection
  • Permanent protective order of 2 years.
  • Know the reason behind the issuance of the order whether threat resulting in injury, force, violence, body injury, sexual assault, fear of death, threatening behavior
  • It is important to provide the proof that you are innocent.
  • Gather evidences
  • Know your rights
  • Compliance
  • Avoid character criticism

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  8. You can apply for mediation as per law.

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