Juvenile felony charges in Alexandria Virginia

Majority of the people think that juvenile criminal convictions are no big deal. The charges are either revoked from the records as the juvenile turns to an adult or sealed from the community. On the contrary, a juvenile felony charge will stay on that individual’s criminal record until they die. However, in the case of a juvenile misdemeanor charge, the offense will be ultimately removed from the individual’s criminal records, but not before 5 years after the committing of the offense, or till the juvenile is 19 years old, whichever is later. In the case of a traffic offense, the charge will remain on the juvenile’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record until they turn the age of 29.

Juveniles committing criminal acts can face grave punishments accordingly for it. The city of Alexandria – Virginia’s judge has all the right and authority to sentence a convicted juvenile for:

  1. Juvenile probation program,
  2. Residential treatment facility,
  3. Local juvenile detention center to spend no more than 30 days.

In the case of a juvenile being convicted of multiple misdemeanor charges or a felony, the judge can sentence the juvenile to serve no more than three years at the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. A juvenile criminal verdict for a man or woman may have numerous adverse impacts on their life:

The state of Virginia’s law requires that:

  1. A notice sent to the juvenile’s schools superintendent mentioning that the juvenile has been found guilty of certain crimes.
  2. Information on college applications must be present that the juvenile has been placed with charges for an offense. It does not matter if that charge is later on dismissed.
  3. Any juvenile of ages 14 and above, placed with certain offense charges must be present for a trial when they turn into an adult.
  4. Every juvenile convicted for a felony must be fingerprinted. It is imperative that a copy of the fingerprint set be sent to the Central Criminal Records Exchange. Once sent, it will stay permanent in the juvenile’s adult record.
  5. Any juvenile above the age of 14, who has committed a felony, will always be forbidden from owning a firearm. In addition, the juvenile will be subjected to a trial for a convicted felon owning a firearm.
  6. Even a deferred finding or a conviction on a misdemeanor will lead to the juvenile’s license being suspended. Offenses like ownership of marijuana and alcohol can lead to the juvenile’s license being suspended.

Get help from your Alexandria, Virginian Attorney

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