Person charged with first time Offense of Domestic Violence

Virginia considers domestic violence a kind of assault and battery, but differentiates it from usual assault and battery by covering charges distinctly inside state code Section 18.2-57.2, which states that any individual who go in for assault and battery against a family member is of a Class 1 offense. Most of the individuals who are detained for a domestic violence case have no previous criminal record. Virginia is a state where arrest is compulsory. In a compulsory arrest state, if the police come for a domestic violence complaint and there is proof of violence, then the police must capture at least one of the individuals involved.

Virginia Law code 18.2-57.3 provides a prospect for the first time offender to have his domestic assault charge dismissed upon successfully completing of deferred disposition program. It means that law court will defer a finding of guilt for a stated time period and place the offender on trial, with certain requirements. According to Virginia Law a person who is charged with first time assault and battery offense against the family may be positioned on local community-based trial, situations, education, treatments, costs and fees, violation and release.

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First Offender Program

To be eligible for first offender program there are some requirements:

  • Be an adult at incident time
  • Not convicted to similar charges before
  • Not have a family abuse proceedings in the past
  • Pled guilty to a charge of domestic violence
  • Consent to enter offender program.

Under probation the offender must remain in a good behavior and not to have any new criminal charges for at least 2 years. Offender is also required by Virginia Law to have an evaluation of domestic violence with recommended treatment, pay the costs of participation in programs and treatment. If the individual successful completes this program, Virginia domestic violence charge will be dismissed and he will not have a conviction. If you or your family member have been detained for a domestic violence offense, it is vital that you meet with a domestic violence defense lawyer immediately. The SRIS Law Group is a firm assisting client with prosecutorial experience who understands how to efficiently support clients charged with domestic violence offenses.

When you are accused of domestic violence

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