Personal Injury Lawyer in Stafford Virginia

Slips and/or falls occur on a daily basis. However, some of them result in serious injuries. In fact, the injuries of falls and/or slips should not be taken lightly; these include from fractures of hips, arms, legs, to discomfort in the back, the head and even to death. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) in the United States alone, more than 1 million people suffer an accident due to falling, tripping or slipping a year. Many of them occur inside public places or stores due to slippery sidewalks, potholes, problems with entrances, slippery floors, poor lighting, debris, poorly leveled stairs, etc., says a personal injury lawyer in Stafford Virginia. The owners of these public properties have the obligation to keep the places in safe conditions for visitors, clients, and people who walk around. Additionally, property owners can be legally enforced to pay for compensation if a person suffers a slip and/or fall injury due to their negligence. And, the person who has suffered such injuries should retain an experienced personal injury lawyer in Stafford Virginia to make a claim for monetary compensation for the injuries and damages the victim has borne.

Here are some examples of real life slip and/or fall accidents that occurred in the US in last five years:

  1. Upon entering the Sears store with her family, a lady suffers a heavy fall as she slips with wax residues that had not been properly removed after waxing the marble floor. Due to this accident, she injures her hip, sciatic nerve, back, and waist. In this case, it is imperative for the lady to retain a reliable personal injury lawyer in Stafford Virginia to defend her rights and get the amount of compensation for the injuries and discomfort suffered.
  2. While shopping at Home Depot, she suffers back injuries and tears in her left arm, when she slips with water lying on the floor in the garden department. She, unable to get up from where she falls, reports her accident to the manager of the store and asks for medical attention. However, instead of assisting her, they take her out of the store. This requires serious legal action against the manager and assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Stafford Virginia right away.
  3. A woman fractures her ankle, injuring her hip and back, when, when checking a rack of bags, behind her an employee leaves a freight car. She, without noticing the presence of this car, turns around and trips over it, leaving her ankle stuck in the car, causing the fracture.
  4. An elderly gentleman in Stafford County injures his back, and fractures his hip. This incident occurs when making his purchases at a local store, he slips with liquid soap thrown in the detergent department.

If you have suffered a fall, trip or slip in any place or public store in Stafford County, then you need to contact a well-versed personal injury lawyer in Stafford Virginia with specialization in slip and/or fall cases. The legal practitioner will help you receive due compensation and medical treatment for your discomfort.

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