Punishment for Reckless Driving In Alexandria Virginia

Driving recklessly in Alexandria, Virginia can be quite troublesome for the driver. Driving rules in the city are rigid and leave no room for leniency. The government is strict about reckless driving and has heavy punishment for offenders. Reckless driving is one of the major causes of road accidents that endangers the driver as well as the public. Reckless driving can cause lifelong injuries resulting in disability that can be life changing.

Punishment for Reckless Driving In Alexandria Virginia

Reckless driving is a major concern in the State of Virginia and authorities have taken extreme measures to discourage people from violating the rules. In principle, reckless driving is any act of driving that can endanger the driver, passengers and people. Majority cases of personal injury in the United States are due to reckless driving or driving under influence. This includes acts of speeding beyond the prescribed road limit, irregular lane changing, abrupt braking, driving in the no-entry zone or any other act that can result in a hazardous situation.

In the State of Virginia, reckless driving can be classified into multiple categories, which includes financial penalties and jail-term. The maximum penalty for reckless driving can be punished by a financial penalty of $2,500 and a jail term of up to 12 months, which is a serious repercussion for reckless driving in comparison to any other State.

Furthermore, reckless driving can also result in suspension of driving license for up to 6 months. Here are the most common forms of reckless driving according to Virginian State Law:

  • Driving a vehicle with inadequate or improper brakes
  • Passing on a curve or the crest of a hill
  • Driving with an obstructed view to the front or sides
  • Passing in an intersection or at a railroad crossing
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Racing
  • Speeding

Speeding in Alexandria

One of the most common offence in Alexandria is speeding and can result in massive financial penalties. The speeding penalty in the city can be classified in to two broad categories:

Driving more than 20 MPH over the posted speed limit

The first category is exceeding the given speed limit by 20 MPH. Any driver exceeding the speed limit by 20 MPH or more is bound to attract a financial penalty along with other federal penalties, depending on the type of offence. Local authorities use various strategies to tackle over speeding drivers by automated radars, manual radars and LIDARs.

Driving over 80 MPH regardless of the posted speed limit

The second category is a general speed limit in the entire city that is monitored by automated radars, manual radars, and LIDARs. Any driver exceeding the maximum speed limit of 80 MPH will face financial penalties along with any other penalty as the authorities deem fit. This means that in Alexandria, the maximum speed limit, including highways is 80 MPH. Any driver found exceeding the maximum speed limit will be categorized as reckless driving.