Richmond – Virginia Arson Laws

As per the Code of Virginia §18.2-82:

“If any person while in any building or other structure unlawfully, with intent to commit a felony therein, shall burn or cause to be burned, in whole or in part, such building or other structure, the burning of which is not punishable under any other section of this chapter, he shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony.”

What is meant by “Any building or other structure”

According to this Virginian law, it will be considered a criminal act of arson if any dwelling is being burnt down. The crime of committing Arson means any offender found intentionally burning down a structure or property. By dwelling, it does not only mean a house, but also

  1. treatment facilities
  2. trailers
  3. railroad cars
  4. mosques
  5. jails
  6. hotels
  7. hospitals
  8. churches and synagogues
  9. boats

Even though the burning down of any dwelling at any time will be considered as an offense, the offender caught committing the act of arson at the time of night will be dealt with more sternly. The reason for this severity at the time of night is that the people are sleeping at night and they will be at a greater risk of harm.

  • 18.2-77 – Any Individual Caught Aiding or Assisting In an Arson Act

If any Richmond – Virginian citizen is caught counseling, procuring, or assisting the actual arsonist in the destruction or burning of any manufactured home or dwelling house will also be found guilty of arson. The aider will receive the same punishment as the actual arsonist.

Va. Code §18.2-77 – What Is the Penalty for Being Convicted Of Burning A Dwelling House

Burning down a dwelling house is perhaps the most common of all arson charges. As per the clauses of this code, all Virginians are forbidden to burn or destruct any dwelling home, either by fire or an explosive device. Any Richmond – Virginian citizen found in violation of this statute will be condemned for the penalty of serving a maximum time period of 5 years of their life in prison.

Not just that, the wrongdoer will be sentenced for the payment of fine of maximum $100,000. If in the case where the home was found to be vacant, the offender will be held on arson charge as a Class 4 felony.  The penalty for as a Class 4 felony will be the offender paying a fine of maximum $100,000, and serving jail time of 2-10 years, or both. Generally, all other arson related penalty charges will consist of fine no more than $100,000 and 20 years of jail time.

Your Richmond – Virginia Criminal Lawyer Is At Your Side

If you have been charged with the accusation of malicious burning or arson, it is imperative that you look for a Richmond – Virginian lawyer without delay. The penalties of being charged with the arson are believed to be a felony offense. Your lawyer will help in clearing your charges or alleviate the penalties fined against you.