Types of Sex Crimes in Virginia

Sex crimes are serious business, and there are a lot of them since each crime needs to be treated according to its own specific category. One of the types of sex crimes that are classified in Virginia is sexual battery. This is when coercion or physical force is used to make you do something that you do not want to do, although it should be mentioned in this situation that the act you are forced to do must be sexual in nature in order for it to be considered sexual battery.

There is another kind of sexual battery that is perhaps even more serious than regular sexual battery. While sexual battery, though usually treated as a felony, can potentially be treated as a misdemeanor if a number of factors end up impacting the case in question, this particular type of sexual battery is always considered a felony because of the damage that it ends up causing the people it happens to. The act that is being referred to right now is referred to as infected sexual battery, and the penalties given to people that commit this act are usually a lot heavier than those for normal sexual battery.

Infected sexual battery is when someone is coerced through physical violence to perform sex acts and these sexual acts result in them getting a sexually transmitted infection. Such a thing can impact the rest of your life, and can significantly decrease your quality of life. There is also the fact that it could potentially leave you with a much higher cost of living because of the fact that you might have to go to the hospital on a much more regular basis, something that is definitely going to be a huge problem for you to face.

As a result of this fact, anyone that is convicted of infected sexual battery is going to serve a very heavy prison sentence indeed, and in many cases will have to provide some kind of financial restitution to their victims. The problem with this is that a lot of perpetrators don’t have the funds that would allow them to pay restitution, and in cases like these the victims usually end up being more or less unable to get any actual justice apart from the satisfaction that the person that hurt them is going to be going to jail for a very long time.

Another type of sex crime in Virginia is solicitation. This is when you attempt to pay someone to perform sexual acts for you. This is different from prostitution in that it targets the customer rather than the sex worker, and it does not require the presence of a professional sex worker at all. Instead, the main focus of this particular sex crime is the fact that money was exchanged, and in a lot of cases even offering money for sex can be a punishable offense according to the Virginia legal system.

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