Your Right to Protect Yourself from Domestic Violence – Know About Virginia Domestic Violence Abuse Laws

Most of the Virginia domestic violence abuse laws to protect you from physical abuse and sexual assault comes from state laws such as laws that deals with protection orders and custody of child and property. You must know about Virginia domestic violence abuse laws, which are stated below:

Protective Orders

In Virginia domestic violence abuse laws, there are protective orders against domestic violence and protective order against an act of violence or threat of physical assault. There are three different stages of protective orders defined below:

Emergency Protective Order

The emergency protective order is intended to provide the victims of domestic violence with immediate protection from the abuser and could be provided over the weekend or in late hours when courts are not open. An emergency protective order is valid for up to three days.

Preliminary Protective Order

A preliminary protective order is actually the initial step if the victim of domestic violence intends to further obtain a permanent protective order. It is similar to an emergency protective order but a preliminary protective order is valid for 15 days.

Permanent Protective Order

A permanent protective order could last for a period of 2 years until the victim decides to extend it. A complete court hearing would require where judge would grant victim with a permanent protective order after hearing both witnesses.

How a Protective Order Could Provide Protection to Victims of Domestic Violence

A protective order could offer protection of victims of domestic violence from their abusers in a number of ways. It does not only restricts the abuser to further reach you but also restrains the abuser to make any contact with you and your family or other members of household.

Housing, Utilities and Vehicles

A protective order would restrain the abuser to leave the house if it is in your name or provide you with the temporary possession of the house, however this would not change the ownership of the property. Protective order would also restrains the abuser from ordering the shutdown of utilities or to restore all the utilities in case. With the help pf a protective order you would be granted temporary possession of any jointly owned vehicles and also restrains the abuser from keeping his hold on these vehicles along with keeping the insurance policies and pay for taxes and registrations. However similar to housing, the ownership would not effected in such scenario. Depending on the circumstances, a protective order might require abuser to provide the victim with appropriate substitute housing and to pay for the utilities.

Custody of Children

A protective order would provide you with the temporary custody of your children and based on the circumstances it may also allow temporary visitation for any children. Protective order might also grant the victim with a temporary child support and order the abuser to provide the required financial support for the children.

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