Fairfax Virginia child pornography laws

Child pornography is the criminal act of exploiting a child in the social media, photos, videos and other sources. The explosion of the sexual child abuse is considered as illicit trade and a severe crime according to USA law. According to the reports, about 25 million photos and videos are reviewed each year. This a huge number and it is important to stop happening of this crime. Recently the live video streaming of child abuse has begun on different websites especially in social media. People have to pay to watch such shameful live videos. It is the serious crime that is happening these days in the USA. The severe penalties and punishments are charged for such criminals.

According to studies and report, there are more chances of following persons to involve in the child pornography crime. Parents, guardians, neighbors, friends of parents, content stemming from some other online sources. Keep an eye on your child activities and if you feel some unusual behavior immediately notice and ask him about the reason. In this way, you will able to catch the pornographer easily.

Fairfax Virginia law for child pornography

Like laws in other states, Fairfax Virginia also has proposed strict laws to prohibit such crime from the state. For that purpose, laws state that the no compensation is for those involved in this crime. The law state three different charges for the production, possession, and distribution of the Child pornography. The charges for the crime is strict and the person who makes this offense is liable for all type of punishment stated by the law. The Virginia code states that any person who possess, produce or attempt to make child pornography is considered as the criminal.

Penalties for doing the offense

According to the Felony, the person will be charged with a felony according to the severity of the crime. Child pornography is the federal crime. The Fairfax Virginia laws are according to the federal crime laws. The criminal may be subjected to prison for the years two to 20 years and have to pay heavy duty fine.

Hire a lawyer to save your child future

The child pornography and other criminal acts may become complicated. The person cannot resolve by himself. For this purpose, you can hire a legal advisor to save your child future. Don’t waste time and immediately consult the professional for getting best suggestions and justice for your child. In Fairfax Virginia, you can consult SRIS group of law to get help. The team of our professionals can properly understand your case. This is our aim to resolve your case in a best way. You can contact and we will discuss your case in our office. The legal advisor may ask some question, don’t be shy about sharing all situations. We will also talk to your child in order to take full evidence against the criminal.

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