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Generally, when a person is charged with indecent liberties, the freedoms must be taken in the physical presence of the child, but physical contact is not necessary. The exposure of your private parts to a child with sexual intent may constitute the crime. An indecent liberties can consist of communication of indecent liberties. The following is an example of a state act of Annapolis Maryland that deals with the taking of immoral liberties: Immature Freedoms with a Child.

Indecent liberties with a child are involved in any of the following acts with a child who is 14 years of age but less than 16 years of age: Any cruel assault or touch of the person of the child or offender, done or submitted for the purpose of raising the sexual desires of the child or the perpetrator, or both; or The child requests to engage in an angry offense or touch of another’s person for the purpose of raising or satisfying the sexual desires of the child, the offender or others.

  • (b) It will be a defense for prosecution of immoral liberties with a child as defined in subsection (a) (1) that the child was married to the accused during the offense.
  • (c) Infallible liberties with a child is a serious level 5 person violation.

Maryland, like many states, has indecent liberties laws. Indecent exposure is the intentional exposing of your genitals in a public place for sexual gratification or to alarm others. Maryland, unlike many states, has not codified indecent exposure. Therefore, it relies primarily on the judge-made law to outline the rules. Nonetheless, state law does employ many standard elements.

In Annapolis Maryland, you can be convicted of indecent exposure if you willfully and intentionally expose your private parts, in a public place, in the presence of others. “Private parts” are defined as genitals, buttocks, and female breasts. The “presence of others” means exposing yourself in a manner that is likely to be seen by a casual observer. As you can see, the Maryland does not require you to intend to alarm someone or for sexual gratification, the mere act of exposing yourself can lead to charges.

Defense attorney:

If you are convicted, you can face up to three years of incarceration and a $1,000 fine. But there is good news, Maryland, unlike many states, does not require that people convicted of indecent exposure register as a sex offender. A notable exception is if you expose yourself to a person under the age of 18 and the nature of the crime was sexual. If you are facing an indecent exposure charge, then you may want to speak to a defense lawyer. You can face a maximum of three years behind bars if successfully convicted. Indecent exposure is one of the more serious misdemeanor charges you can face. Don’t take these accusations lightly, depending on your situation; you could face serious penalties. A lawyer can help you prepare a strong defense to ensure that the courts and the prosecutors respect your rights.

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