Charges of Reckless Driving in Prince William, Virginia

Reckless driving in Virginia is a very severe charge, and involves greater consequences than a speed violation ticket. The reckless driving involves greater charges such as license suspension, heavy fines, and imprisonment. If you find yourself with the charge of reckless driving in Prince William, VA it is in your best interest to take advice from a dedicated lawyer so that you can understand about all the factors involve in your case. Reckless driving means speeding a motor vehicle on a road in a manner that jeopardizes life or property. Speed is the most common type of reckless driving in Virginia which means if a person is speeding above the posted speed limit he is breaking the law.

Types of Driving Charges

There are various ways that reckless driving can be charged in Prince William, VA, which includes passing the ambulance with its lights on, passing a school bus with speed, speeding in bad weather conditions, Speeding in a traffic jam.


If anyone is facing serious reckless driving charges he should know exactly why they charged him and what can be the consequences. This information is necessary because some of the laws in Prince William, VA are very confusing and does not state clearly whether someone is charged with just an infraction or in a severe criminal affair. The best way to know more about your charges is to hire an attorney who can help by explaining about your options and how to get a positive result from the court.

In Virginia, reckless driving is a very severe offense and considered to be a Class 1 misdemeanor, for which the punishment is up to a year in jail, a fine up to $2,500 and a six months license suspension. Reckless driving charges contains a whole variety of traffic violations for example excessive speeding. A lawyer in Virginia can help you in this matter and finds a solution that builds strong defenses to prevent the horrible consequences.

Speeding Tickets and Reckless Driving

Speeding ticket is different from reckless driving because reckless driving is a serious criminal offense in Prince William, VA. The main difference between these two is that traffic offenses can only affect your driving record while on the other hand criminal offenses can last forever if you are convicted. Anyone can see the difference by looking at the speeding ticket, there is an area on the speeding ticket where the police officer writes RD or simply reckless and if the charge is speeding than the officer will write SP or simply speed at which you are exceeding the posted speed limit. If you are charged for speeding you only have to pay the fine but if you are charged for reckless driving, you are required to face the court. It is better to face the court because it provides you the opportunity to fight the charges and get a positive outcome.

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